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160 Bloor St E Suite 1000, Toronto, ON M4W 1B9, Canada


(416) 203-2899

Mon - Fri : 8:00 am- 5:00 pm

Battista Migration Law Group is an immigration law firm having over 26 years of experience in Canadian immigration law, and serving the diverse spectrum of immigrants applying to Canada.

The firm is expertise in complex and novel immigration issues, including advocating for the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) community both in Canada and abroad.


  1. Family Sponsorship and Sponsorship Appeals
  2. Same-Sex Sponsorships Canada (and Opposite-Sex)

  3. Corporate
  4. Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications
  5. Federal Court – Appeals of a Refused Decision
  6. Inadmissibility – Medical, Criminal and Misrepresentation
  7. Refugee and Asylum Claims – Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  8. Students / Faculty
  9. Economic Categories

Language Spoken : French | Spanish | Sinhala | Tamil
Cabinet d’avocats francophones en droit de l’immigration à Toronto, Canada.
Bufete de abogados de inmigración de habla hispana en Toronto, Canadá.
කැනඩාවේ ටොරොන්ටෝ හි සිංහල කතා කරන ආගමන නීති ආයතනය.
கனடாவின் டொராண்டோவில் தமிழ் பேசும் குடிவரவு சட்ட நிறுவனம்.

TORONTO IMMIGRATION LAWYERS @ Battista Migration Law Group :

Michael Battista
Tel: (416) 203-2899, x. 31
[email protected]

Kareem Ibrahim
Tel: (416) 203-2899, x. 24
[email protected]

Pablo Irribarra Associate Lawyer.
Spanish Immigration Lawyer Toronto. Specializing in Forced Migration. He represents clients at the Immigration and Refugee Board including refugee protection claims and appeals, in written applications for Pre-Removal Risk Assessment and humanitarian and compassionate applications.
Tel: (416) 203-2899, x. 21
[email protected]

Nicholas Woodward Associate Lawyer.
Nicholas works on a wide range of immigration and refugee files, including refugee claims, applications for judicial review at the Federal Court, applications for permanent residence based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, and pre-removal risk assessments.
Tel: (416) 203-2899, x. 57
[email protected]

Kes Posgate Associate Lawyer.
Refugee & Immigation Lawyer in Toronto.
Kes has experience working on a wide range of immigration and refugee matters, such as refugee protection claims, humanitarian and compassionate grounds applications, inadmissibility issues, immigration detention reviews, and applications for judicial review at the Federal Court.
Tel: (416) 203-2899, x. 25
[email protected]

Office Address :

Battista Migration Law Group
160 Bloor St E Suite 1000
Toronto, ON M4W 1B9
Phone : (416) 203-2899
Fax : (416) 203-7949
Email: [email protected]
Website :

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